The Mindy Project

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Mindy with danny the mindy project season 3 episode 1
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No offense, that excuse stinks. I told them you were helping a little black kid.


Here's your dumb watch. I found it in the nightstand next to a tube of really slippery toothpaste.


If we are indulging in imaginary situations I would love to introduce you to my husband, straight Anderson Cooper.

It is not the same okay? This is adorable and that is like a lap band surgery ad.

How does an Englishman not understand English? That is, amazing to me.


Jeremy: Perfect score Danny, break a leg.
Danny: Never wink at me again.

Why does everyone want me to die alone?

It's still a test. You can't flirt and spray tan your way through it.


I will knock you out. I will knock you out, I don't care how old you are.


Mindy: It's like if Hermione liked Voldemort.
Shauna: I don't know those words.

I think they pour this stuff on Maxi Pads in commercials.


Doctor Castellano you look so handsome, like a youth minister.

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The Mindy Project Quotes

All this time I thought I was the hot girlfriend, but turns out I'm just the sexy mistress


I am a hot, smart woman, with an ass that doesn't quit.

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