Beverly: San Francisco is the worst.
Everyone: YES!
Beverly: Because of all the Chinese.
Everyone: No!

Mindy: I mean look how he reacted to your news. He didn't even show up to the party and that's just you.
Peter: Tough to hear it phrased that way, but I understand what your saying.

Pete, why would you abandon us? We changed you from an unemployable pervert, to an employable pervert.


Hey bitches, the bi-coastal babe is back. #itshappening.

Morgan: Have another hug.
Jeremy: I don't want another hug, I've had four.

Just because I look like Olivia Pope does not mean I know how to disappear a body.

Fine. I'm wearing my bicycle helmet, in case there is an earthquake.


Not to brag, but I am straight up killing this bitch. The program, not the patient.

Danny: Hey, sugar, what's shaking?
Mindy: Hey, that's my line. Oh no, does this mean it's caught on with old people?

I did wish for a birthday kiss. I should've been more specific.


She won a secret Hunger Games we billionaires have.


Rob: You know what else is interesting? Since Alex has been here, you haven't mentioned the love of your life once.
Mindy: What are you talking about? I've talked about spare ribs like 10 times. Oh, Danny!

The Mindy Project Quotes

After four vodka sodas I realized, I had something to say.


Daniel Castellano, I'm the man that is going to take a person out of you. I don't take that responsibility lightly okay?