Me? I'd love to go to Dr. L's, I'll I get to do is go to her place every night for turn down service.


If you ever want to get baked and go to a Renaissance Fair, then I'm your mi'lady.


Mindy, I'm really sorry I doubted you, but if you don't shut up right now my mom's going to hit you over the head with a rollling pin.


You don't understand. You're dealing with Catholics now. This is a guilt dinner. Which means she's going to torture you. Get ready to repent, Lahiri.


Dot and I are watching "Passion of the Christ." What they did to that man. Poor Mel.

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Morgan: It was a charm bracelet from the drug store. But, it's 3 months salary down the drain.
Mindy: Oh My God, we pay you so little.
Morgan: Hello! I'm on a poster for a poverty campaign.

In Britain we have an expression, "Keep Calm and Don't Mention Uncle Susan in the Attic." That might just be my family.


Jeremy: You chose wisely, coming to the most well-mannered person in the office.
Mindy: Oh, it was based more on who was back from lunch.
Jeremy: I'll take it.

Abby: You're going to have to keeping covering him for a while because he's going to be like fried for a week.
Mindy: I once had fries for a week.

I'm on call. You can't party when you're on call had I known that, I never would've become a doctor.


[to Jeremy] You know I tried dating a woman like that, but she left me for you.


Actually I hate brunch. But, if you're like the first brunch guy in the history of the world, we can go get some.


The Mindy Project Quotes

After four vodka sodas I realized, I had something to say.


Daniel Castellano, I'm the man that is going to take a person out of you. I don't take that responsibility lightly okay?