Morgan: Hey Dr. P, you play basketball?
Peter: Just a pickup game I play with my friends. Mostly it's just an excuse to use black slang. [To Tamra] Excuse me, blood.

Answer me right now. What is more important? Your relationship with Dr. Lahiri or this basketball team I made you join 2 days ago?


I've never been that close to billionaires in person before. Oh no, Danny, do you think one of them might try to '50 Shades of Grey' me?

OK. I'm going to picture [Peter] without his personality. Woah, Peter might be hot.

Why would Mindy want to go to Stanford? She hates not being the only Asian in a room.


You are so wise. Why are you wasting your time in medicine? You should be a life coach on 'The Biggest Loser.'

[The plot] is just for me. I don't know how your religion handles this kind of stuff. Don't they let the river just take care of it?


Danny: Christmas isn't about elegance, it's about a quiet night when a King was born, the Prince of Peace.
Mindy: Shut up, Linus.

You know I'm not an easy man to impress, unless I'm watching a magic show.


Just make sure the pressure is firm and consistent, like trying to convince your boyfriend to do a couples' costume.

We don't need a Kramer and if we needed one, Morgan's more that energy.


Peter: Mindy, your boyfriend groped me. You are a beard.
Mindy: Oh no, it's happening again.