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Mindy with danny the mindy project season 3 episode 1
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Morgan: Are you talking about Dr. Reed kissing your girlfriend or this directly applicable to this situation?
Peter: No. The latter, dude.
Morgan: What ladder?

OK, fine, you can meet her. I just can't listen to one of your cookoo plans before 10am.


Why didn't you tell your mother that I wasn't the cleaning lady? Do I look Dominican? Do not answer that.

Danny: Move over, Zorro.
Mindy: Zorro? I'm too young to understand that reference.

Danny: [Playing "Let It Go" on piano]
Morgan: Open the door. I hear you playing Frozen.

You won't have to worry about this problem when you're a Tookers. There's a lot of other problems. Dyslexia, alcoholism, short term memory. Alcoholism


Mindy: Wait. I thought you worked in a tipsy fishing boat to pay for medical school.
Danny: I tried. I kept getting thrown from the boat because I was too light.

That's my girlfriend. That's hilarious. I guess women can be funny.


Danny: I would never let my woman plan a charity event with some guy. I would never do it.
Mindy: And I would never want to plan a charity event

Danny: Well, OK, we don't eat popsicles like that here.
Cousin Lou: That's not what I heard, homeboy. I heard you're pretty good with your mouth.

Well, I am just happy to work at a place that allows hunky drifters, like yourself, to get a second chance for, hopefully, committing a white collar crime?

I can't go. I have tickets to an execution.

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