I'm not nosy. I don't even go to restaurants with open kitchens. It's none of my business.


The year, 2004. America was still able to enjoy the music of R. Kelly without feeling guilt.

Let me weave you a tale. Oh, appetizers are here.

We're out in San Francisco. The Windy City. You could meet the love of your life here. It is Sin City after all.

If it's out of the office, it's none of our business. Did I hear Beverly's voice come out of an Elmo in the middle of Times Square? Maybe. But, it's none of our business.


Danny: You sat on me!
Mindy: Yes and I farted on you, too.

Mindy: I had to sacrifice a lot, too. Like Neepa or Promud or Gamora or Groot or Rocket the Raccoon.
Rob: I think some of those are Guardians of the Galaxy.

We're losing? I thought the game was to score the least amount of points like golf.


I've never played basketsball. I'm sure I'll pick it up. Who's going to be goalie?


Great, the one person who watched Space Jam quit.


I had no friends in 7th grade, so I had time to master the cross stitch.

Danny: Take her to Alcatraz.
Mindy: Oh, I would love that. What is that?
Barb: It's the world's most famous marriage, I mean prison.