Let's turn the cameras off. Seriously guys, enough, enough.


You never stop surprising me.

Toby (to Nellie)

Joke's on you buddy. They make you come back and clean it up.


I'll watch it. Let's get this over with.


Not everybody has what we have.

Toby (to Nellie)

Yes we will be delivering a shipment of paper today, but I will also be delivering you a big shipment of fun!


It can't be more fun the selling paper and paper products.


Okay, this is really hard to follow. Can we just say Pete, because that's the guy Erin's flirting with?


Angela: Well I think it would be immoral for Erin to cheat on Andy.
Erin: Oh I'm sorry. Didn't you cheat on Andy?
Angela: Yes, and he didn't like it.

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