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You cannot date your sister's... IMPREGNATOR!!!


I don't want to cause trouble, sometimes I just do.


Maybe if I sleep with him, he'll feel closer to me than he does to her.


I think we'll be different things to each other at different times.


We're under doctors orders to grow up.


Ricky: Do the three of you talk about anything but sex?
Amy: What they don't know is...I'm ready to have sex with you.

Are you having twins?

Henry [to Adrian]

I've been here 15 minutes and I've already lost one. This is going to go well.

Ms. O'Malley

Bunny: What people are more important than your job?
Ricky: Girls I slept with.

If you dance, you pay the piper.


I'm unflappable, you can't flap me.


Mom, you're not 15, you can't hide a pregnancy as long as I did.

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