What do you know? We finally have the courage to be completely honest with each other.

Kathleen [to George]

Something just doesn't feel right.


Let's just go to some neutral territory where we can just be with each other without feeling like we're surrounded by the past.


I would not go away, unless you came with me. You and John.


George: Nobody's had any privacy since the information highway opened.
Amy: The what?
George: The Internet.

Who's the big baby? It's like you're stomping your feet and insisting you get some. It makes you less attractive as a man.

Nora [to Ricky]

If you want me in your apartment and me in your bed, then you need to get a new bed.


It's like last weekend just won't ever end. It goes on and on and on.


Let's put it this way. The first half I was playing offense, the second half I was playing defense and I should've called it off at halftime.

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