Must be going around gay-care, I mean day-care.


Just because you were thinking about something doesn't mean you were ever really going to do it.


It seems to me you're more than a little fickle so excuse me for not just jumping back into bed with you.

Daniel [to Grace]

I'm not gonna pay 32 grand on top of what I pay for taxes, just so you could make out with your girlfriend senior year.


They're talking about you coming to your wedding with another woman or something.


I would never have sex with a girl, they're dramatic, they're emotional, they're fickle. It would be like having sex with myself.


Don't they have something better to do than talk about whether somebody's gay or not?


Please don't tell me you're transferring schools to be with that pot smoking skank!


Alice: Ben do you not realize this girl's your Fatal Attraction?
Ben: I don't think I'd say she's my Fatal Attraction, she's maybe more my, uh, Basic Instinct.

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