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Homie, this sculpting has made me feel so fulfilled! I'm as hopeful and full of life as I was in the years before I met you!


(Marge's sculptures of Lenny and Carl are stuck together)
Lenny: I can't tell where Carl ends and I begin!
Carl: See, it's statements like THAT that make people think we're gay.

Homer: You kids like ice cream? (Pushes disclaimer button)
Disclaimer: Product contains neither ice nor cream. May contain trace elements of Mexican cheese. Do not consume.

(Squishing an ice cream to his forehead) I'm a unitard!


Honey, I brought you more sticks. (Homer drops a sack of popsicle-sticks on the bedroom floor). This is the most fun I've ever had giving you wood.


Wow, you made a sculpture of Magilla Gorilla!

</i> Homer

MARGE! Where are you? Did you change your name? Is it Kelly? KELLY!


Well excuse me for having enormous flaws that I don't work on!

</i> Homer

(Homer reassures Marge that he will make it home in time for her art show.)
Homer: I would never let you down. Our marriage is like soft-serve ice cream. And trust is the hard chocolate shell that keeps it from melting onto our carpet. In "cone-clusion," here's the scoop: I love you.

Hey, I do more than TV! I had a one-man show on Broadway. That's who showed up, one man. (laughs) Long story short, I won a Drama Desk Award.

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