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These cookies are on the up and up according to the only hoest newspaper, The Beijing Worker.


When I grow up, you can buy an apartment building and make me a super.


Something you lost will soon turn up. My faith in the Lord! It came back!


If I was interested in fun, I would have ran the day you were born.

Homer [to Bart]

Homer: What should I buy first, a mirror that gives me advice or Hitler's baseball?
Mirror: My advice is to buy Hitler's baseball.

Let him go Lou, someone going that fast has no time for a ticket.

Chief Wiggum

Any part of a cookie you can't eat is a waste of time.

Homer [about fortune cookies]

Wait, I'm shooting at nazis? That's not how I remember it.

Mr. Burns

Bart: Who the hell says pota-toe?
Homer: Song writers who are stuck for lyrics.

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