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I've come around on hipsters. It takes a lot of guts to all wear the same hat.


Krustyland has a new ride, the Eyeballs of Death. It only passed the safety by a 3 to 2 vote. And that third vote didn't come cheap.


I don't eat anything new unless I've tried it before.


Lisa: They're using pancakes as spoons.
Marge: Ooh let's see what else they do wrong.

SPORTS stands for Strick Parental Oversight Rather Than Sports


Marge: What if we roll pennies and go to the dollar store?
Homer: That's good, Marge. Get all the terrible ideas out of your system.

Marge: How come they never call me fun mom?
Homer: A family's like a team. On every team you have the slam dunking mega star and the referee.

Developer: I have twins I've never met.
Bart: When you meet them tell them your game is too easy.

From the dad that brought you cemetery paintball and go carts on real roads..

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