Can you believe he's asking Betty for dating advice... that's like asking Britney Spears for parenting advice


Amanda: So I sorted your mail according to three categories: people who are kissing you ass, people whose ass you should be kissing, and peoples who asses are like huge

Betty: Now can we discuss this Cheetos tan?
Daniel: What I was supposed to be in Rio for a few weeks
Betty: You look like an Oompa-Loompa

Hilda: Walter, now he's the kind of guy you can settle down with
Betty: How do i know if i'm settling down or just settling?

Daniel: Look at you, fashion week. Last week you thought Cavalli was a type of pasta
Betty: Yeah, so did you
Daniel: Well we've both come a long way

Marc: Christina...
Wilhelmina: I will need a talented seamstress
Marc: Her works is impeccable
Wilhelmina: I can't understand a word she's saying
Marc [in Scottish accent]: Have a crumpet governor...
Marc: So annoying

Marc: When you move into Daniel's office, I am not sitting in Betty's old chair. This bum does not slum
Wilhelmina: Not what I've heard

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