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It's not going to be of peace, always anymore.


Ryan: Please bless my daughter. I will give you whatever you want whoever you want.
Anna: Yes you will.
Ryan: Thank you, my queen.

They can take my collar but they can't take my faith.


Needless to say the Evan's family is a model for what Concordia stands for.


The humans think that their building their future, but in fact, they are digging their own graves.


Good our teams are working as one...for tonight.


You can count on me.


Erica: Every plan she has pulls him father and father away from us.
Joe: How are we going to protect him now?

Bring em on. Going one on one with the other side is only going to make me look better.


We need to work together so we can strike hard.


Tyler: Mom, I'm not a kid anymore.
Erica: No You're right. You're a man now.

Erica: Breakfast birthday cake Evans family tradition.
Tyler: When we were a family.

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Is there such a thing as an ugly Visitor?


We are of peace. Always.