I want to see those washers going 24/7. This families gonna make hash - lots of it. Won't that be nice?


Nancy: I like it here.
Andy: You got laid.
Nancy: I want to stay here for a while.

Jack: Hey, I didn't get your name.
Nancy: No you didn't.

Let's just do what's needed to do here and move on. I don't want to be here forever.


(to Nancy) I said no smoking. You don't listen. Do you need someone to make you listen?


Jack: No smoking. State Law.
Nancy: Yeah, wouldn't want to piss off the only other customer.

Nobody's here if they have anyplace better to be. This is the end of the road.


He's in a much better mood when you get high.


(to Silas) Didn't even try to bargain. What's the matter with you? Where's you're Jewish at?

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