This is what I get for going into the nasty a$$ smush room, I'll never go into the smush room again.

Pauly D


that was one of my favorites. i'm a ltltie curious about what exactly looking italian qualifies you to do in seaside heights. do they have checkpoints set up at the entrances where you have to submit a birth certificate or a geneology to get in? or do they let everybody in, and you just have to be italian to talk shit or start fights? or is it not really a requirement, but more like a dis, e.g. "you are unlikely to win a fight because you appear irish?" i was seriously considering summering there, but now im reconsidering. i look sort of scottish, and could maybe pass for spanish, but definitely not italian, i don't tan, and i only do laundry every other day.

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Jersey Shore Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

I'm burnt out, I'm pushing through but the car can only get so far on fumes.


Bro I can't f@#king function in this environment... I want to go home.