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We just want to survive the storm. We pray, please God, just get me to the other side. We never imagine what it will be like until we get there. What if when the storm passes, nothing's left? I always said I could handle anything. I was wrong, but I was right about one thing. I was right about this.


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I was wrong , I was wrong in a lot of things *

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Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 2 Quotes

Cristina: Is 'I told you so' inappropriate?
Meredith: Shut it.

Cristina: Just because I'm the one who said it was time doesn't mean this is easier for me.
Owen: I know.
Cristina: This is not easy for me.

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Banks-before-i-ever-met-you Before I Ever Met You Banks iTunes
Song Cold Front Laura Welsh
Elliphant-down-on-life Down On Life Elliphant iTunes
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