Ted: You're not... Moby, are you?
Bald Guy: Who?
Ted: Moby... The recording artist, Moby.
Bald Guy: Oh, no.
Ted: But when we said "Hey, Moby" you said "Yeah".
Bald Guy: Oh, I thought you said Tony.
Ted: So your name's Tony?
Bald Guy: No

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How I Met Your Mother Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Barney: We couldn't go back for Natalya, a human being, but we do have time for hot dogs?
Marshall: Yeah, we like hot dogs

Barney: Oh, wait, wait, wait. We have to turn around. We left Natalya.
Lily: Barney, none of us really liked her.
Barney: What?!
Lily: Sorry.
Barney: Oh, very nice, Lily. You know, she is a guest in this country. So while you may choose to turn your back on her, I choose to turn my front on her