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Danny and Erin go head to head when a man kills the person who robbed and beat his family on Blue Bloods.

"Leap of Faith"

As Frank investigates a priest with a past, a young woman whose mother died tells Danny that God told her it was murder. Will Danny believe her on the latest Blue Bloods?

"The Job"

Will Danny and Linda survive the consequences when their family has an encounter with a gunman? Frank reflects on 9/11 on Blue Bloods.

"The Uniform"

Did a police officer flee the scene of a murder? Danny and Jackie investigate on the latest Blue Bloods.

"Whistle Blower"

When Erin feels she is to blame for her informant's death, she works with Danny to find his killer on this week's Blue Bloods.


On Blue Bloods, when Danny is forced to work with an imprisoned mobster to solve cold cases, will he survive the assignment and is Jamie prepared for the reality of working undercover?


Will the Reagans Thanksgiving be cancelled when Henry has a heart attack and Danny and Jackie must investigate a suicide on this week's Blue Bloods?

"Lonely Hearts Club"

On Blue Bloods, will Jackie survive when she goes undercover as an escort to catch a killer targeting high end prostitutes?

"Black and Blue"

When Jamie and Renzulli are tossed down a flight of stairs by church security, can Frank handle the political fallout on this week's Blue Bloods?

"A Night on the Town"

Will Jamie survive his undercover assignment? And can Danny investigate a case while having "A Night on the Town with Linda on this week's Blue Bloods?