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"The Spark in the Park"

Booth and Brennan realize a murdered gymnast was living a double life while Cam confronts the woman who stole her identity on Bones.

"The Mystery in the Meat"

Angela throws Brennan an after-the-wedding bachelorette party on Bones.

"The Fury in the Jury"

Brennan is on the jury when a professional soccer player is charged with killing his wife on Bones.

"The Dude in the Dam"

When a model is found murdered on Bones, the investigation uncovers that his main source of income came from donating his sperm.

"The Nazi on the Honeymoon"

Booth and Brennan honeymoon in Buenos Aires but end up investigating a murder when a Nazi war criminal's remains are found in a mass grave on Bones.

"The Woman in White"

On Bones, Booth and Brennan's wedding day draws near. The team tries to keep murder details from the bride so she can focus on the big day.

"The Lady on the List"

The investigation into a high school principal's murder uncovers the man's bucket list and Booth and Brennan start planning their wedding on Bones.

"The Sense in the Sacrifice"

When the team tries to taunt Pelant into showing himself, the plan results in tragic consequences for someone close to Booth on Bones.

"El Carnicero en el Coche"

When a gang member turns up dead in a burned out car, Sweets ends up in the middle of the investigation due to his personal relationship with the dead man's son on Bones.

"The Cheat in the Retreat"

When bobcat-eaten body is found in a dumpster, Booth and Bones go undercover at a couples retreat as Tony and Roxie on Bones.