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Bones, or the impression of bones, were found in concrete. A street performer's skull inside an newly-constructed outdoor theater, to be precise.

The team used some insane science to form a plastic replica of the skeleton and find out what happened.

Sweets interrogated a bronze-covered fellow who communicated only in Shakespearean.

Using both gold dust and zinc powder, Jack was able to pull a hand print off of a six-month old piece of plastic previously topped with a ton of concrete.

This writers kept us guessing if it was going to be a female performer that did him in, or a rival street dancer, or even his former ballet teacher.

When they mentioned that the victim was a pick-pocket himself, the ballet and hip-hop dancers were taken out of the equation.

It was the female performer at Kolorama Park.

Meanwhile, Hannah is shot covering a story in D.C., and Bones reveals a condition she has that went undiagnosed by her doctors.

Hannah had a fracture that could lead to internal bleeding and be fatal. Now that Bones has saved her life, she won't.

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