Bones Review: "The Bones That Weren't"

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Let's get right to the meat of last night's Bones.

When you heard that Hannah, who had just been shot, but was planning on getting back to work, had an "avulsion" fracture, were you somewhat sad Brennan discovered it?

We're kidding, of course. No one actually wants Hannah to die (we hope). But having Bones effectively save her life was both sweet and sad at the same time, as intended.

Bones Saves Hannah

Hannah's going to be alright, thanks to Dr. Brennan herself.

One feels conflicting emotions watching Booth and Hannah on screen. The way Seeley's heart was ripped out last season, one truly wants him to be happy and in a relationship.

But is Hannah the woman for him? That's where it gets complicated, and never more so than last night's "The Bones That Weren't." On the one hand, they're very cute together.

On the other hand, that spark seems absent at times.

Compared to some of the scenes she's shared with Brennan over the years, specifically when she's been in crisis, Booth's feelings for Hannah, however genuine, can't compare.

If nothing else, the surprise conclusion last night and open-ended nature of Hannah's tenure on the show have left us guessing. We don't see this being wrapped up imminently.

Those hoping for Hannah and Bones fighting bitterly over Seeley may be disappointed, though. If anything, they're getting closer. Since they both love him, it does make sense.

Yes, Brennan made a choice to not be with him, but watching this is still hard on her. Overt jealousy is unlike her, but caring for her friend is, even if that includes his girlfriend.

We can't predict when or now, but there's definitely going to be some serious angst building up at some point, and hopefully, this is building toward the resolution we all want.

Kudos to all three actors for portraying the complexities of their relationships so believably. Props also go to the rest of the team, and science, which played a major role last night.

Booth and Twitch

Booth busts a suspect (Twitch from So You Think You Can Dance). But it wasn't him.

Science is always prominent on Bones, yes, but this week it was off the hook. Forming the plastic impression of bone and lifting the hand impression with gold dust? Impressive.

Angela and Hodgins both did their thing brilliantly, impressing even Brennan, who as we know does not impress easily. That skeleton was pretty cool, and the case intriguing.

The best part of the episode had to be Sweets' "interrogation" of the bronze Shakespeare, though. Right away, he determined the statue-like man has a "dissociative disorder."

The sheer length of Sweets' conversation in the appropriate vernacular was terrific, though, as was the fact that he actually gleaned some useful data from this old throwback.

As for who offed the street performer? Twitch from So You Think You Can Dance was an easy mark, but an incorrect one. Fortunately, we got to see more of his moves at least.

With a host of possible suspects, we were kept guessing until the end, when body language and the fingerprints-on-glass trick revealed all. Seriously, suspects. Just refuse the water.

Random thoughts, observations and Bones quotes:

  • Do you love or hate Booth's "rawr!" because it was directed at Hannah?
  • "The fluidity with which he moves should not be possible!" - Brennan
  • The whole conversation about the toilet seat was LOL material.
  • Think that ballet dancer could take Brennan and/or Booth?
  • "I'm shot, I'm pretty." - Hannah on why her story goes on

What did you think of last night's Bones? Discuss!


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There is absolutely zero chemistry between Booth and Hannah! Hannah is a bit much, too much, just plain irritating and to me, unlikable! Part of the charm of this show is the chemistry between Booth and Bones and without it there is a lot lacking! I am concerned that viewership will fall off if they don't hurray and get rid of the unnecessary Hannah character. It's time for Bones to become a "real" person, admit she has feelings for Booth, show her jealousy to Booth and let their relationship go on to the next level! The show will actually be better if they "have" a love relationship that is "adult"! The creators and writers this season so far have disappointed. I'm hoping they hurry this along.


I don't really hate Hannah...I actually think she's a likable character and while I know many people dislike her because of her relationship with Booth,it helps,if you think about it as temporary...I mean,they'll probably break up before the end of the season and that's enough for me.Just hope she doesn't die,cause her death would take Booth longer to recover than a simple break-up. Oh,and also,I think that if you look closely,you'll see that in some scenes(like when Hannah asks Brennan what gift she should buy for Booth) it's actually Hannah who is a little jealous of Booth's close relationship to Bones(it's very subtle,but it's there).


I really hate the fact that the writers and HH have split Brennan and Booth apart. I have always been a huge fan of Bones especially for the chemisty between Brennan and Booth. Ever since the last episdode of season 5 I have found it completely missing. I was hoping that Hannah would have been killed off I so don't like her. The writings have Brennan back in super rational mode and most of her conversations with Booth end up with him looking at her like there's something wrong with her. The interactions between Booth and Hannah don't seem genuine and I think it's ludicrous that everyone seems to think Hannah is wonderful and great for Booth. I realize that the timeline that Booth and Brennan were apart from each other was longer than "real time" but I'm feeling that Booth isn't looking for someone who'll love him as he already has that with Brennan and I don't think another woman can love him better. I think he's looking to be sexed up and that's not the same as love. I think if they continue to keep Hannah in the program then viewership will fall off because part of the attraction of watching the show was that great chemistry between Brennan and Booth and sadly that seems to be gone from season 6. Please get rid of Hannah and let Booth/Brennan realize that they do belong together.


hannah you're nice, you're pretty, you're smart but you have to stay away of brennan's boy.


Give me a break, Hannah is a bigger pain in the butt, then she was before. Of course, her butt is back in Booth's bed in the opening segment of the show. She honestly thought Booth was going to propose to her. I can't stand Bones dumb blonde act any longer. When Hannah got shot, Booth leaves Hannah in the hospital. If it was Bones that had been shot. Booth would have shot you, before you would have got him away from her. When Booth is in love you see to difference. Don’t believe me, rewatch to episode when Cam was in the hospital. Booth was stuck to Cam like glue. Hannah got some nerve in the hospital demanding gifts of Bones. The scene does fit out all. Where is the sniper? It's time to put Hannah out of out misery permanently.


i didnt really get the plastics bone thing .... even though college graduate in biochemestry .. but it is okeyyyy .... i'll rewatch it and try to understand ... but the final scene was weird ... hannah trying to show brenan she is as smart as her and level ... this was totally weird ..
it would be fun though to have them work on a case together .. all three of themm...
anw .. i kinda enjoyed this episode ...

Whipped by damon

I don't dislike Hannah per se, but their relationship seems to clinical and lacks spark! And once again, it was what was unsaid between Booth and Bones that reverberated with me! For how long can the show keep them apart?

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Bones Season 6 Episode 5 Quotes

The fluidity with which you move should not be possible. It's like you have no Bones. I'm an expert on bones, and that is impressive!


That's it? Order me up a six foot guy, 37 years old with a good income and no mommy issues?