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A burnt corpse found in a truck leads Brennan and Booth to a motorcycle shop and then to a local high school where the victim's wife works.

They find evidence of an illicit relationship between a teacher and a student, and blackmail from another student hiding evidence of it.

Meanwhile, Hannah tries to form a bond with Booth's son, Parker, and she actually does well despite her initial trepidation.

Sweets helps Daisy with a government psychological exam. Even with a little cheating, she had a hard time ... but passed.

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The Chrystal Method i don't know the name of the song just the artist! Good luck!


Hi, does anybody knows artist/title of the opening song?


Absolutley do not, do! not! care for Daisy's charactor. She has no substance and only tries to upstage Hodgins. The team were great before and even better with Zack and Bones' dad being the Science guy. Lancelot can still love/marry whatever Daisy but she's just an "extra". My opinion. I hope she and Booths so called new girl friend part ways.

Bones Season 6 Episode 8 Quotes

Hannah: I don't want to mess anything up between you and your son.
Booth: Look, I love you, all right? He's gonna love you, too. And don't think of him as a kid. Just think of him as a short guy who … who's not allowed to drink.

Booth: The point is, like, they have to meet sometime, right?
Sweets: Well, yeah, if your relationship with Hannah is serious, then …
Booth: It is serious.
Sweets: I wasn't questioning that …
Booth: It sounded like you were.
Sweets: No, I wasn't.
Booth: Well, it's serious.
Sweets: Then they have to meet.