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The body of an archaeologist is found in a cocoon. While investigating his murder, Booth and Bones stumble upon his research--the remains of homo sapiens and Neanderthals from the same dig site. Bones and Edison argue over which of them should further investigate the archaeologist's findings.


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The very specific terminology that the Bones scientists typically employ was dashed in this episode when the word "Homo sapien" was repeatedly used as a reference to one man. The correct term is Homo sapiens (always with an "s" at the end), which refers to the primate species. It literally translates to "wise man," but I'm afraid our usually wise Bones editors missed this one.
Still love the show!

Bones Season 8 Episode 11 Quotes

[to Sweets] Why is when I ask you something it's never about what I'm asking you about?


Hodgins: Eh, it does look humany.
Bones: Sorry to disappoint you.