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This episode of Castle is titled "The Double Down." During it, a competition breaks out betweem Castle and Beckett and Ryan and Esposito. Who can solve the murder case first?

In the end, though, a few twists force the two teams work together to figure it out.

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Castle Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Castle: What is it about full moons that bring out all the crazies?
Beckett: I don't know, you tell me.

Dr. Parish: Looks like a patient lost his patience.
Castle: Also his command of grammar. You're should be you-'-re as in you are, that's not even a tough one not like when to use who or whom.
Beckett: Do you really think that's the take away here Castle?
Castle: I'm just saying whoever killed her also murdered the English language.

Castle Season 2 Episode 2 Music

  Song Artist
Sloan-who-taught-you-to-live-like-that Who Taught You To Live Like That? Sloan iTunes
Actionslacks-we-are-not-the-losers-anymore We Are Not the Losers (Anymore) Actionslacks iTunes
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