Tuesdays 10:00 PM on NBC
"Warm and Dead"

Severide reaches out to his father while Chief Boden contacts the police when a teenage arsonist ignites a warehouse fire that turns deadly on Chicago Fire.

"Under the Knife"

Severide is faced with some difficult decisions when he finally comes clean to Chief Boden about his injury on Chicago Fire.

"God Has Spoken"

On Chicago Fire, Cruz turns to Casey as she tries to deal with the aftermath of Flaco's death and Shay recovers from a head injury.

"Merry Christmas, Etc."

On Chicago Fire, after fighting a kitchen fire in an upscale townhome, the firefighters are accused of stealing the residents jewelry.

"It Ain't Easy"

Severide is tempted by a woman he once saved from a car crash while Vargas is unable to work after he's injured on Chicago Fire.

"Leaving the Station"

On Chicago Fire, Peter doubts his future when he comes across a young victim's body at the site of an accident while Severide makes his injury worse when he helps a heart attack victim.

"Two Families"

When the firehouse is exposed to a meth lab over the holiday, Severide does his best to delay his drug test and a deep-fried turkey fire gets out of control on Chicago Fire.

"Rear View Mirror"

Dawson gets assistance from a girl she saved while Casey makes a life threatening move while fighting an apartment building fire on Chicago Fire.

"Hanging On"

On Chicago Fire, Severide has a problem with his arm during a rescue and turns to an ex-lover for help while Casey goes up against Detective Voight and suffers the consequences.

"One Minute"

On Chicago Fire, when he's accused of leaving a homeless man to perish in a warehouse blaze, Chief Boden must deal with low morale and bad press. Hermann gets upset during a rescue on Halloween.