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Chicago Fire Season 3

Chicago Fire Season 3 contines the dramatic saga of the first responders who work in the Chicago Fire Department, Firehouse 51. Get to know them!

Still Distraught - Chicago Fire
"Wow Me"

Mills finds out more details about his family, Dawson looks forward to her candidacy at the Austin Firehouse, and Severide returns to Firehouse 51 on Chicagoe Fire.


Chicago Fire comes back for season 3 on Tuesday September 23rd.

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Can you believe we're already viewing Chicago Fire Season 3? We are indeed. The first two seasons of Chicago Fire were very well received and even inspired a spin-off. As Chicago Fire Season 3 starts, we're left reeling at the death of a favorite character. Killing off characters is never easy, but it's also commendable that they are willing to take that chance, no matter how much we love them. Will the series ever be the same after such a dramatic death? Will the characters who were impacted ever be the same? The only way to know for sure is to continue supporting Chicago Fire by watching Chicago Fire Season 3. Find out who is in love, who is acting on the love, who will fall apart from the stress of losing a beloved coworker. Make new friends as the cast switches up and new characters are introduced as others move on from Chicago Fire. The professional and personal lives of first reponders are always interesting as the work hard and play harder. Everything is always a notch above as they strive to do their very best for everyone around them. As you watch, enjoy Chicago Fire Season 3.
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Chicago Fire Season 3 Quotes

Hey. You said Shay told you we'd be great together. I choose to have that memory of that day.


Shay: Yo. Put it back in your pants lieutenant. You're not my type.
Kelly: You never know.
Shay: Do you have a vagina? I'm gay. Fully gay. My drink's tequila.