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Chicago pd
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Voight is Abducted - Chicago PD
Watch Chicago PD Season 2 Episode 5
"An Honest Woman"
Original Air Date:

On Chicago PD, after Voight is abducted, the team takes action while Burgess and Roman look for a girl who stole a police badge.

Investigating a Disappearance - Chicago PD
Watch Chicago PD Season 2 Episode 4
"Chicken, Dynamite, Chainsaw"
Original Air Date:

Burgess and Roman are put on gun-buyback duty while the rest of the team investigates the disappearance of two teenage girls on Chicago PD.

Finding a Hitman - Chicago PD
Watch Chicago PD Season 2 Episode 3
"The Weigh Station"
Original Air Date:

A bartender is accidentally killed when a hitman tries to take out Halstead on Chicago PD.

Hunting a Serial Killer  - Chicago PD
Watch Chicago PD Season 2 Episode 2
"Get My Cigarettes"
Original Air Date:

A friend of Voight's appears to have been murdered by a serial killer on the next Chicago PD>

Chicago PD Season 2 Premiere
Watch Chicago PD Season 2 Episode 1
"Call It Macaroni"
Original Air Date:

Chicago PD returns with season 2 on Wednesday, September 24th.

Lindsay Asks For Help
Watch Chicago PD Season 1 Episode 15
"A Beautiful Friendship"
Original Air Date:

On the season 1 finale of Chicago PD, Jin must come clean about his secret meeting, Lindsay goes to Voight for help, and Antonio isn't happy with desk duty.

Getting Answers
Watch Chicago PD Season 1 Episode 14
"The Docks"
Original Air Date:

A convenient scapegoat is blamed when Jin gets caught on Voight's computer on Chicago PD.

Pulpo Is Released
Watch Chicago PD Season 1 Episode 13
"My Way"
Original Air Date:

The members of the intelligence team are upset to learn that Pulpo is being released in the hopes of finding a deadly cartel leader on Chicago PD.

Handling the Aftermath
Watch Chicago PD Season 1 Episode 12
Original Air Date:

The Intelligence Unit does everything in its power to find out who set off the bomb at Chicago Medical on Chicago PD.

A Gang Related Case
Watch Chicago PD Season 1 Episode 11
"Turn the Light Off"
Original Air Date:

When a gang-related case involving several deaths and millions of dollars in stolen cash, Voight and the team investigate on Chicago PD.

You want to watch Chicago PD online. Is there any reason you would not want to watch Chicago PD online? You have probably happened by Chicago PD because you watch Chicago Fire. Or perhaps you see the myriad of tweets that go out while an episode is on the air. Perhaps you have seen the very hot actors and actresses who adorn Chicago PD. They are often shirtless (the males, the males!). The females just look strong and gorgeous. There is a lot of kissing and there are a lot of romantic entanglements that you want to watch out for. Who doesn't love a little love on the job? Sophia Bush brings it all as Erin Lindsay. She flirts with Jay Halstead and Taylor Kinney who plays Severide on Chicago Fire often drops by making things even more exciting. When you watch Chicago PD online you'll also see just how much the officers who work with Hank Voight want to join him on the Intelligence Unit. They go to great lengths to get his attention and earn his trust. I don't thin you should wait any longer. You should just clickity click click and watch Chicago PD online right now!

Chicago PD Quotes

Man: I don't know where I'm going.
Voight: Just keep driving.

You know, I basically look people in the eye for a living. You have a future beyond this neighborhood D'Anthony, and it's okay to want that. When you start to try to get out, whenever that is, you call me.

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