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Welcome to the Chicago PD Quotes page. This is where we catch those moments we want to last in writing word for word so that you can relive them latter.

I don't appreciate getting tips from girls who are overdosing in the bathtub.


That smug face you're wearin', It's gonna come off.


How does a gun buy-back program turn into a homicide investigation?


Maybe you couldn't think straight with the music being so loud. Sit down.


Platt: Congratulations. You're on gun buy-back duty at the grocery store over on Ash.
Sean: What does that entail?
Platt: People turn in guns, you give them a grocery gift card. No questions asked. And bring your galoshes. You're going to get soaked in that parking lot.

Lindsay: Anyway, I just want to say thanks for taking me in. You're my family.
Voight: You're about the best thing that every happened to me. I mean that.

Ruzek: I want you so bad right now.
Burgess: My place. One hour.
Ruzek: Hell yes!
Burgess: You have been a bad boy.
Ruzek: Don't talk to me like that right now... come here.

This is crazy! The guy can take a shot at any time.


First of all, it's detective. Second of all, let's me and you not get off on the wrong foot.


Oh the investigation can begin everyone! Nadia's here. What'd you do, take a bus?


Halstead: Come on. Can I crash with you?
Lindsay: Are you going to try to play scrabble with me, too?

Enrietto: Hey Hank, wanna play some pinochle?
Voight: Nah, nah. I just sent a teenager away for murder and I got a friend layin' in the morgue. I'm just gonna sit here and drink this beer.

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Chicago PD Quotes

Man: I don't know where I'm going.
Voight: Just keep driving.

You know, I basically look people in the eye for a living. You have a future beyond this neighborhood D'Anthony, and it's okay to want that. When you start to try to get out, whenever that is, you call me.