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Voight: Listen Erin, you want to hold onto your badge, there's conditions. For starters you're going to live with me and take weekly drug tests.
Lindsay: I can do that.
Voight: And there's one more thing.
Lindsay: What's that?
Voight: I want you to sever all ties with your mother. Bunny is the cancer in your life and we both know it. Take it or leave it.

I'm just glad it was you that they sent in.


Voight: You here as a cop, or to save your boyfriend?
Lindsay: Does it matter?

Roman: What the hell is that?
Platt: My wedding planner from when I was engaged.
Roman: To what?
Platt: Tiger Beat go get some coffee. This is girl talk.

I don't know who you are, but tell Lindsay she made me a better cop, if you ever see her again.


You move your hand any lower you're gonna be breathing out of your forehead.


Erin, I'm not your boss. I don't care where you were. But know that I am looking out for you. Whatever you got going on upstairs, you gotta face it head on.


Erin is grieving. She's in a vulnerable space. That's exactly where you want her isn't it? Easier for you to get your hooks into her. Listen to me, don't ever come back here.


I don't think you fully understand this situation. You come into my city, steal from me. The only reason you're still breathing is cuz I don't let debts go unpaid.


I'd like to know how a bunch of cops from suburbia got the balls to crossover into the city, rip off a dealer, and are eating burgers like they don't have a care in the world.


OK, save it Braveheart. It was the right call.


The day I stand next to you is the day I walk you into a cell.

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Chicago PD Quotes

Man: I don't know where I'm going.
Voight: Just keep driving.

You know, I basically look people in the eye for a living. You have a future beyond this neighborhood D'Anthony, and it's okay to want that. When you start to try to get out, whenever that is, you call me.