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In this first of a two-part episode, Section Chief Cruz asks the team to investigate a case involving the murders and post-mortem mutilations of a prostitute in Texas.

They quickly discover there were three prostitutes killed with the same MO, including one male prostitute.

It turns out the prostitution ring is run by the town preacher, and the owner of the bar. 

Garcia discovers that the preacher had been brought up on pimp charges before, as well as a charge for assault on one of his girls.  In the latter case, the girl had received criss-crossed cuts on her back, as a way of his establishing ownership.

Turns out someone in town knew about this, and had cut the dead prostitutes exactly the same way, in order to frame the preacher.

The unsub lures the preacher to a diner.  Upon entering it, the preacher discovers three dead bodies on the floor.  On one table are some guns and a lot of ammo.

The unsub calls the preacher on the cell phone and informs him that the police know where he is, and are on their way.

When the police and BAU arrive, the preacher looks at the guns, and then out the window.  Someone shoots one of the deputies, and they all begin firing at the preacher in the bar.  The preacher starts using the nearby guns and manages to shoot Reid, and some deputies.

Morgan storms in the door, but the preacher guns him down too.

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