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Rossi and Reid learn of the closing of Rossi's favorite bar.  They and the BAU are called to investigates a series of murders involving male victims who were garroted.  After profiling the murderer's behavior, the team learns that the Unsub is a man who never got over the loss of his child, who was accidentally strangled to death. He turned psychotic after his wife ended their marriage, and then transferred his paternal instinct to the occupants of the building in which he lived and worked.  He determined he would protect the residents from "bad influences" by murdering any males who he saw as a threat.  He watched his ex-wife by camera as the term of her pregnancy drew near, and then attempted to reconcile with her when she went into labor. The BAU arrived and he fended them off by holding a pair of scissors to his ex-wife's throat.  As she began to deliver her baby, Reid quickly stepped in to assist.  He convinced the Unsub to give up his scissors by pretending the baby was in danger due to it being born with the umbilical cord wrapped around its neck.  After, the BAU held a last party at Rossi's favorite bar, and convinced him to sing "Piano Man" as a karaoke tune.

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