Definite Contenders

Jeffrey Ross was eliminated on Dancing with the Stars tonight. No shock there. But how did the remaining contenders fare?

Fantastic Four

Two couples stood out tonight for their impressive routines; and one couple dropped a surprising numbers of spots for its failed performance. Read the results now.

Drama dominated the third night of Dancing with the Stars. We were treated to one perfect 10, and one perfect fight between a couple.

This is a summary of the latest performances on ABC's Dancing with the Stars. Read on to learn who shined and who may have danced their last ...

Flying Hough

Here's a summary of the latest performances on Dancing with the Stars. Read on to learn who most impressed the judges and the viewers.

Dancing with the Stars premiered with every single couple doing one dance. Let's get right to the recap.

Brooke Burke Wins It

The big night is finally here: Lots of hype, a little dancing and three minutes of results to decide Season Seven.

Brooke Burke Fashion

Here's a recap of the first night of finals. Who impressed the most last night on Dancing with the Stars?

The four remaining contestants gave it their all this week. Let's see who came out on top.

A Poor Performance

Just five couples remain on Dancing with the Stars. Let's see how they performed during this hour.

Dancing With the Stars Quotes

Well, it's obvious that you've got dancing in your blood. Unfortunately, it hasn't reached your feet.


I think if you open up Betsey's mind, there's a circus going on.