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-Justin asks Kate to mediate a case between the FBI and a local hospital. The FBI has made a deal with Yamamoto, a Japanese mobster. He's agreed to testify if he gets a liver transplant. Although he could possibly survive another year without one he is moved to the top of the list, displacing Roxanne Willis who is dying.

-Kate finds out Yamamoto has a warrant for his arrest for urinating in public 10 years ago. She convinces Justin to arrest him. With Yamamoto in jail overnight and the liver only viable for a few hours, Roxanne has the transplant surgery.

-Kate also finds out that the Willis mortgaged their house to donate $60,000 to the hospital and that this may have been a factor in moving Roxanne to the head of the list. The system is far from unbiased.

-Reed & Reed have represented fashion designer Ian Saunders for 15 years. He is suing Jenny Chang, a client of Ben Grogan's for breech of contract thus the new partnership has a conflict of interest.

-Kate, Ben, and Lauren discuss the matter. Ben believes that Jenny will win the case and will have a long and lucrative career with Reed & Reed as her attorneys where Ian's case will lose and his business is failing. Kate reluctantly votes with Ben.

-Lauren tells Ian they have to let him go and he insults her, telling her everyone knew she was nothing but Teddy's trophy wife. Lauren reminds him that Teddy is gone and this is her decision, no one else's.

-Justin tries to make amends with Kate but she has already signed the divorce papers. He looks heartbroken.

-Lauren offers to let Kate stay at her place since the boat blew up.  Kate accepts.

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I really liked the show Fairly Legal, I was sorry to see that it was cancelled. It seems like all that's on tv now is reality shows. There are just to many. I don't understand why they would take a show off like Farily Leagal and Harry's Law ect just to replace it with this junk. Do any of the viewers have a say? Made In Jersey is almost the same show as Fairly Legal. So why did Fairly Legal get cancelled? No More Reality thank you

Fairly Legal Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

I was having a wonderful dream. I had a life, a place to live, a husband who didn't cheat on me.


Her boat blew up last night.