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Chris is not doing well in school, and his parents worry that he might just be an idiot. However, Chris hears them say this, and it destroys his self-confidence. To try and restore it, they decide to send him to a summer camp. They try showing him several brochures for different camps, although they accidentally picked up one for a space camp, which interests him. They think he might not be able to handle it, but he wants to go to it in order to prove that he's not an idiot.

However, he discovers that it's a lot more difficult than he imagined it being, and he has difficulty keeping up with the rest of the campers. So after 4 days, he calls his parents and asks to be brought home. However, when he shows them the space shuttle, Stewie accidentally hits the button to launch the shuttle, sending them into space. It's up to Chris, using the knowledge he absorbed while at camp, to rescue the family. Thanks to him, they return to Earth safe and sound, proving that he's not a complete idiot after all.

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Family Guy Season 11 Episode 9 Quotes

This is a Hamilton Beach blender we got on our wedding day. It keeps coming back to us in a vicious regifting cycle.


Stop making fun of me! I just wanted to listen to you guys having sex, but you were saying mean things about me!