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Burt and Carol announced plans to wed to open this episode, which led to Kurt planning a ceremony and reception.

While he was doing so, most other characters were dealing with the issue of Karofsky bullying this gay student. Sue, still acting as principal, said there was nothing she could do because there was no proof. Members of New Directions tried to protect Kurt, with Sam even getting into a major fight with his teammate... well, all members except for Finn.

He didn't wanna cause strife with an offensive lineman, which of course made Rachel very disappointed in her man.

That takes us to the wedding, which was an emotional affair. Everyone cried and Finn ended up giving a great speech. He said he and Kurt were pretty much brothers now and he'll never let anyone hurt Kurt. Unfortunately, there was nothing he could do about the fact that Karofsky was remaining at school. (Even after Kurt said he threatened his life and Sue tried to expel him, the school board overturned the decision.) As a result of this fact, Kurt told the group at the end of the episode that he was transferring to Dalton Academy because he didn't feel safe as William McKinley.


- Sue's mother came to town because she had killed her final Nazi and because her daughter was marrying (herself... don't ask). But Sue stood strong and ended up telling off the mother who left her and Gene years ago.

- Quinn accepted Sam's promise ring. These two are now going steady.

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QUINN AND SAM...I feel so jealous...Sam is really CUTE!


this is an awesomeeeee episode!!!! loved every bit, except the last part where kurt leaves :(
loved glee version of ust the way you are!!1
im soo gonna have my wedding like a glee wedding!!!


Wow I couldn't disagree more. It seemed to me that with this wedding episode the message got in the way of a good story. The songs were boring, a complete misuse of a comic genius. I couldn't wait for this to be done. I only watched to the end just to ensure its mediocrity continued to the final second.


"Mercedes will have a green slushie thrown in her face" What an awesome storyline!

Glee Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

We're gonna go to the hotel where they put up the guest stars on Lost.


Carol: We wanted the two of you to be the first to know.
Burt: Yeah, after the kids in that home room.