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Harper Avery

The man for whom the prestigious Harper Avery Award is named is rushed into the emergency room after getting sick at dinner.

Admitting him? Jackson. His grandson. Cristina tries to show off but ends up misdiagnosing the problem, which he busts her on.

Soon both the fact that Harper Avery's in the hospital and the fact that Cristina humiliated herself in front of him is all over SGH.

This drives her to extreme lengths to redeem herself. Harper, for his part, wants Ellis Grey to perform his surgery, but she's not there.

Hasks for Richard to do it. And for him to be awake while it's going on. Derek relents, even allowing Jackson to scrub in.

Avery is a badass, particularly when something goes wrong and he's on the table.

In grappling with his family legacy and his grandfather's expectations for him, Jackson finds an ally in Meredith.

Richard, meanwhile, is grappling with his own issues, taking drug tests and wanting to keep to a low-stress first day back. So much for that.

But when complications arise, he's convinced that he made an error, and encourages Derek to let Bailey take over. It turns out that the problem was an allergic reaction to the sutures, and there's no way anyone could've known.

Post-surgery, Meredith (it's genuinely amazing - and refreshing - how grounded they've made her character) convinced Jackson that he needs to make amends with his grandfather, which includes introducing them to his friends, which he loves. Really nice moment.

Lexie, Alex and Mark

Derek walks in on Lexie, waiting naked for Alex in his room, and is promptly followed by Meredith, who warns her that emotionally Alex is her three years ago.

Cristina pipes in with exactly the same lines later on.

Alex is being the version of himself that's retreated into a shell but keeps finding himself thrown out of ORs and kept off cases because he's slept with people.

Lexie spends her time trying to convince herself and everyone else that she doesn't really have feelings for Alex and that it's all just physical. Mmm hmm.

Mark buries his feelings by returning to his man-whore ways - sleeping with a drug rep, at least one nurse (and a patient's daughter in the same day.

He performs a surgery and restores the patient's hearing as well, so it's not like it's hampering his work.

Mark is on the verge of getting it together and going back to Lexiewhen he essentially sees her and Alex coming out of the on-call room and promptly stalks off.

Teddy, Owen and Cristina

Arizona catches Teddy gazing at Owen longingly. She decides that what Teddy really needs is a friend.

She also needs help with a case - a young man who survived both leukemia and lymphoma, but whose lungs were damaged by his radiation treatments.

He needs a lung transplant, but is an exceptionally high-risk candidate. There's talk of trying to essentially rehab lungs that would be deemed unusable.

Teddy's initially reluctant, but Cristina uses Teddy's name to rescue them from disposal in a desperate attempt to redeem herself after her humiliation.

Teddy goes ballistic and lectures Cristina about the dangers of ambition and angling for awards, and how it leads to bad judgment and priorities.

But ultimately, the patient decides he wants the (now-viable) lungs. When things go haywire, Cristina helps encourage Teddy through it, and the patient is saved!

Owen, after being encouraged by Cristina to be friends with Teddy, suggests that they get a beer and celebrate the success.

Teddy sticks to the commitment she made to Arizona earlier about going out for a girls' night with her and Callie and Bailey.

Meredith and Cristina join them all on the softball diamond.

Episode Number:

Why we have to wait to last week!!!????


Do you think trailer park izzie is going to kick lexie's ...? That would be hilarious!


I don't think Mark loves Lexie, I think it was a case of I love you because you love me. This was the relationship to show that he is capable of one. There is definitly someone else more fitting. She is too much of a kid for him. I think her and Avery make more sense.


Mexiiiie!!!! I mean teddy is an idiot. She almost broke-up Cristina and Owen, and she was wasn't giving Cristina surgeries just because Owen didn't leave Cristina for her. And if she dares to make Mexie harder I will cut GA off my life!! I need Mexxieee!! loll :]


mark and teddy???noooooooooooooooooo




The Episodes without Izzie Stevens Just like the song without music can anybody tell me when she came back Plz.


Man, they are going to screw up the perfect couple I just know it...Callie and arizona! They just have to shake things up! Why? Why, I ask you?? Arizona is so perfect for Callie, and knowing callie, she will screw that up for herself. She just cannot see all the things she is looking for, is right there. I mean, Arizona washed the puke out of her hair for crying out loud! Mark could never be faithful. He is good looking, charming, and down right hot, but to make a relationship work, you need more than that. If Callie doesn't wake up and see that she is soooo going to miss out on the perfect gardener for her rose. (Arizona Robbins)


If Teddy and Mark do get together, I don't think it will be lasting - Teddy's too hung up on Owen and Mark's too hung up on Lexie.
Lexie + Jackson = HAWT!
I for one want to see more Ben/Bailey flirtation! With a side of MerDer!


Is this talkin bout mark or bout sloan his daughter. I know we seen her go 2 episodes ago but think they would have used mark's first name.

Grey's Anatomy Season 6 Episode 16 Quotes

Meredith: You are a no feelings type of girl. Your heart lives in your vagina.
Lexie: My heart... does not live in my vagina!

Cristina: [to Lexie] You can't have feelings for Alex Karev. Emotionally he's like Meredith, three years ago.
Meredith: I said that!

Grey's Anatomy Season 6 Episode 16 Music

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Trick pony Trick Pony Charlotte Gainsbourg iTunes
Slippin Slippin' Quadron iTunes
Song You Can Keep 'Em Ali Harter iTunes