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  • The residents go through the three sessions to pass their exams. They are allowed to fail one session without failing the exam.
  • April and Jackson hook up in between two sessions. Meredith continues to get sick. Cristina fights with her proctor. Jackson can hear his mom in the next room. Alex shows up late but makes it in time for two sessions.
  • Arizona’s childhood friend comes in for treatment by Callie but his cancer is spread and he is dying.
  • Julia tells Mark she wants to have a baby with him.
  • Lexie admits to Sloan that she is still in love with him.
  • The residents find out their test results. Cristina, Meredith, Jackson, and Alex pass. April fails.
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ok so, i love this show soooo much. but im soooo pissed that they are all leaving . yeah i get that the show can't be the same all the time. but theres still ways you can have them working together and still make the show interesting.
btw, i miss george and izzy so much


It is either April, because she goes psycho in the exam. Also it could be Alex Kerev because he was late coming in, and if you notice in the preview clip he is sitting outside the the rooms in the hallway and he throws his brief case across the hall.




i think Cristinas examiner hould be Burke :)

Grey's Anatomy Season 8 Episode 22 Quotes

That was hell. Actual physical hell.


Carpe Diem. How annoying is carpe diem?


Grey's Anatomy Season 8 Episode 22 Music

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The naked and famous bells Bells The Naked and Famous iTunes
Song Sirius Congorock and Alle Benassi
Song Sky Blue Alex Silverman