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Dr. Gideon escapes and plans to murder those who profiled him. Gideon wants to meet the real Chesapeake Killer, and when Graham captures him thinking he's a hallucination of Hobbs he takes him to Lecter to make sure he's real. Will has a mild seizure giving Lecter and Gideon time to chat. Lecter gives Gideon Alana Bloom's telling him she also profiled him. Will takes his keys and his gun and heads to Alana's home. He notices "Hobbs" outside and they have a conversation. Will shoots and almost kills Gideon before collapsing.

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“Roti� was another amazing episode. It certainly had some dark moments, and Will’s hallucinations were extremely unsettling this week, even more so than normal. We saw great stuff between Hannibal and Will, and for now, Hannibal seems to genuinely care for him, if you ignore the fact he’s trying to turn him into a psychopath so they can really hang out together. I work at DISH and watched “Roti� on the light rail Thursday night, on my way home from working some overtime. I use my DISH Anywhere app on my iPad, which pulls live TV or recorded shows off my home receiver, so I didn’t have to wait until I got home to watch.

Hannibal Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

You and I are just going to have to have a difference of opinion doctor.


Lecter: I see his madness and I want to contain it like an oil spill.
Therapist: Oil is valuable. What value does Will Graham's madness have to you?