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Hannibal Review: Brotherhood
Hannibal Review: Brotherhood

by Nick McHatton at

On Hannibal, there's an unsung brotherhood that's continually ebbing and flowing towards and away from one another. They admire...

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Will is arrested when he returns from Minnesota when evidence ties him to murder on Hannibal.


Despite the fatal explosion, Will believes that the copycat killer is still alive, meanwhile the team makes the connection between Abigail and the Minnesota Strike victims on Hannibal.


When Gideon escapes and plans to commit murder, Hannibal schemes to get him and Will together on this episode of Hannibal.

"Buffet Froid"

The doctor continues to prey on Will's fears when his team begins to doubt him on Hannibal.

"Trou Normand"

When a serial killer uses his victims bodies to erect a totem pole, the team heads out to investigate on Hannibal.


A killer tries to gain the doctor's attention by exposing his victim's vocal chords on Hannibal.


Jack wonders if the Chesapeake Ripper has returned as the unit begins to investigate a killer who is removing his victim's organs on Hannibal.


Jack must reach out to Hannibal and Dr. Chilton thinks he has captured the Chesapeake Ripper on Hannibal.


Hannibal tries to drive a wedge between Will and Jack, while Will is concerned over his return to field work on Hannibal.


When a murderer harvests his victim's organs while they're still alive, can Will and Jack find a way to stop him on Hannibal.


As Will becomes a special investigator with the FBI, he teams up with Jack Crawford to catch a killer who buries his victims to grow mushrooms on Hannibal.


Will Graham teams up with Dr. Hannibal Lecter on this series premiere, as he needs assistance with a serial killer.

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