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On this episode of Hell on Wheels…

The Swede shaves his head and joins the Sioux.

With Durant gone, Lily tries to take control of the railroad but meets certain resistance. She calls upon the Swede to help with the bookkeeping in order to pay the men.

Bohannon is furious that the Swede is back and locks him up in the car, but with no proof Lily sets him free.

Bohannon decides to leave but Lily convinces him to stay and the two sleep together.

Ferguson quits his job and decides to build a home outside of Hell on Wheels.

The McGinnes brothers sabotage the bar and force the owner to sell to them.

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Only 2 eps left and this show continues on its upward curve...can`t imagine what the season finally will hold in store for fans. No big bangs or shootouts this week but rather some great character portrayals which was more a way for showcasing some amazing acting by CT, AM & DM. That WTF moment when Cullen sees the Swede in the office was an absolute cracker :) However I really like how the romance between Lily & Cullen has been developing. Both are in need of some TLC right now and the timing was perfect. I love how Lily reads Cullen the best of all(the Swede a close 2nd)and knew she had to take the "lead". Cullen is such a broken soul right now and needed the comfort of Lily`s arms and charms. In a way they both need each other more than in a sexual way, they don`t realise yet. Love scene was beautifully shot and acted. HOW is such a great show with its ambiguous characters and storylines and it will be sorely missed until next season. Hopefully it will get an Emmy nomination or two ..it certainly deserves it!