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It's off to Indiana for Marty and company this week, but prior to leaving Marty and his dad discuss the anniversary of his mother's death. Meanwhile Roscoe grows more confused than ever when he finds himself attracted to a boy and a girl in his class. Marty learns MetroCapital is interested in acquiring his firm in a proposed deal headed by Greg Norbert. Marty turns an apparent disaster into a lucrative deal for Galweather-Stearn, but a visit from his boss leaves him concerned about his future. 

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06.17.09 at 3:47 pmSlashKinda glad I'm not the first to express settpfacuion at her name being Brill. And they're really impressed by the ostrich leather (if that is indeed actually ostrich leather). Is that some kind of new luxury material? Because ostrich leather boots have been around forever. Never seemed particularly luxurious to me. The food those people are holding looks pretty good, but it would probably cost a regular person the same as if he/she went to a pretty nice restaurant in Dallas, to judge by the prices they showed us at the beginning. $8 for a Miller Lite? Ridiculous. But the bathrooms have both hot and cold water, so there's that to make up for the tremendously overpriced food and the extortionate ticket prices. Plus the cost to park.


I'd like to know, what's the name of the song from the end of that episode???Enybody knows? (The Revolution has began). Thanks.

House of Lies Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Hey Dad, want me to teach you how to Dougie?


That woman can do more in bed than any post-menopausal woman has any right to be able to do.