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Monica spends time with Roscoe this week, while Marty is away with his team in Utah. When a racist motel chain CEO dimisses Marty, he lets Jeannie take the lead on this week's case. Clyde meanwhile tries to extend his point lead over Doug by courting a mormon woman who works at the company they are trying to help.

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(Net)books should run a brwoser and only a brwoser. Yes netbooks can run normal OperatingSystems but still Imagine if the first netbooks came out this fall with Google Chrome Os. It would have stayed that way with just a brwoser and I like the entire idea of this. Also I think netbooks would be cheaper because hardware wouldn't have to be so advanced, I think we would be seeing more netbooks for $100 or cheaper.

House of Lies Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

When in Rome bitches!


Now I would rather blow a deaf donkey than stay in one of these places, but they are undeniably profitable.