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Ted and the mother are back at the inn years later as Ted recounts the morning of Robin and Barney's wedding. They realize they both know each others stories cementing their old married couple status. The mother worries aloud that Ted will be one of those guys who lives in his stories.

Lily is upset because Robin is not excited about her wedding day. She is more interested in watching a movie that Ted told them never to watch. The script of which was written by Zoey's new man.

Barney stresses out over which suit to wear on his wedding day and enlists Ted's help. As they go through Barney's array of suits, he shares stories of memorable times he wore each ensemble. He finally goes with the one he had made custom for his big day.

To make her point to Robin, Lily changes into her own wedding dress and says she plans to wear it to the wedding. Robin doesn't have her oh my god moment until she sees her mother in the hallway.

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