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Jim, Steve, Billy, and Rodney are headed to a baseball game when they run over an old couples cat.

Jim is throwing out the first pitch.

He refuses to take off his hat and a political melee ensues.

The gang comes back together.

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I loved this episode. My favorite episodes are usually the ones where elements of his standup (dates, US education and confidence) and real life (horrible first pitch at Cubs/Brewers game on 16/06/2011 'date the Jim way') are used as moving parts in the storyline, but not the whole main story. It is not that those based entirely on real life and stand-up suck, it is just that I know those stories already (i.e. pilot prostitute story, airplane episode, home invasion episode, and bag lady episode), they all had funny parts but I knew everything that was going to happen beforehand and in his stand up it is even funnier. The muscular dystrophy friend to a prostitute story is even longer (and a lot dirtier) in his stand up. It is less funny on the show as they have to make Jim more sanitized and likeable.