A secret about Janice is uncovered and Walter goes missing on Legit.


Billy is hospitalized while Jim entertains troops in Afghanistan on Legit.

"Rub & Slide"

The guys visit a water park with some women they met at a massage parlor and their fathers on Legit.


Jim and Steve help Billy when his wheelchair is stolen by gangsters on Legit.


Jim and Steve attend their high school reunion with Billy in tow on Legit.


The gang gets into trouble at a bar and Jim's tolerance is tested on Legit.


Jim and Steve attend a funeral after Billy's friend dies.


Jim decides to join a sex addicts group when he's outed as one on live radio in the Legit season 2 premiere.


A woman comes forward claiming to be pregnant with Billy's child on the season finale of Legit.


Jim and Steve get into some trouble