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Ryan heads to work when Cate realizes that she has to get a new job.  She meets with her agent and doesn’t get any hits on a new job.

Lux dresses up for school because she has a crush on the new teacher Eric.  She later confronts him about the connection they shared and he won’t admit it at first.  But eventually admits that the feelings are real.

Cate and Baze get called into the office because Lux is failing out.  The principal wants them to get involved so she asks them to speak at career day (little does she know they are both out of jobs).

Cate gets a job offer, but its in the graveyard shift at another station. When Ryan gets home she attacks him for not quitting with her. He has nothing to say.  

Cate and Baze head to career day and Ryan shows up and is able to get Cate to realize what she’s worth and how he really wants to be included as Lux’s life as a parent.

While studying for her English final, Lux decides to cheat and take the answers from Math’s bag.  

The next night, Baze shows up at Cate’s house and Paige answers the door. Both are shocked to find out the relations between them, but neither say anything.  

The episode ends with everyone celebrating Lux’s A from her midterm.

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I think it makes total sense for Lux to steal the answers. I think we sometimes forget that she has foraged for herself for a long time - she would tend to have some street smarts. In a pinch - even knowing its wrong - it made sense to her not to disappoint her folks. You could already see on her face that she knows the "95" was a total "cheat." Think back - she never wanted to go to Westmonte, but that's what they wanted and she wants to please them.

Life Unexpected Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

I bet you that there's something better right around the corner for both of us.


Thanks Aunt Paige - what? She asked me to call her that.