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A Department of Defense investigator scrutinizes the NCIS team's response to the Bodnar case involving the murder of Ziva's father and Vance's wife. Meanwhile, the team examines whether a Petty Officer is suffering from paranoia or if his claims of being followed are tied to a matter of national security.

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I think we all knew this was going to happen that it would go to gibbs and the mexcio thing


I am glad people are starting to see why Tony and Ziva would be bad and what about Abbt she was a totally jerk to the team


I hate this episode tiva-wise
And the investigator is a poor actor
If Ziva had her security clearance suspended, how is she still in the building????


I knew Tony and Ziva wouldn't be getting together, but ouch that hurt, like deep in my chest hurt. I agree, stop the hurt that Ziva and Tony do to one another. I have had enough of it.


I knew Schmeil was more than just a kindly little old man. I knew it!


@gatorgal, you are correct, it could go back that far...and it was shown that they looked at files before Ziva arrived, I was just thinking that maybe it was the Ari thing because Cote hasn't signed on for next season yet and maybe if she (Ziva) left, that would give Gibbs and out so to speak and let him keep his job.


No more NCIS for me, it was bad enough that Tony was a joke and comic relief but today they took it too far...


@Ace: It could go all the way back to Shannon and Kelly, plus we have no idea what he did with Jenny.


BTW, I hate what they are doing with Tony/Ziva....can't we just leave them on good terms. I would be happy if the writers just have them be friends IF they would stop the hurt that goes back and forth between them. I am very, very tired of them hurting one another.


Well I knew it was going to be Gibbs that they were after. I wonder if the false info in the files that they are referring to is that Gibbs said he shot Ari and not Ziva, but that is so long ago and everyone knows the truth, why would Gibbs be in trouble now?

NCIS Season 10 Episode 23 Quotes

I knew that guy was trouble. He's like an evil McGee.


What makes you think I'm going after Ziva?

Parson [to Tony]