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This second part of the season-opening story has Tony traveling to Israel to hunt for Ziva, while at home, Gibbs and the team discover the name of the assassin who tried to kill Tony.  Fornell is assigned to protect one of the Brotherhood of Doubt's supposed targetd, millionaire Tomas Mendez.  While on their way to visit someone in hospital, a bomb goes off, killing the person they were going to see. Months pass, and Tony finally finds Ziva, who is determined not to come back to NCIS.  After meeting with disgraced Captain Wayne at a diner, Gibbs is attacked on his way to his vehicle but manages to subdue the attacker and bring him in for questioning.  McGee discovers that the various phone calls made by the terrorists originate from a company that Mendez owns.  They determine that the signal that has detonated the bombs have been coming from Mendez' phone.  Tobias is unaware of Mendez' complicity and so has no idea that the man the two of them are going to visit is yet another of Mendez' targets, and that a bomb is planted within the target's residence. Before Mendez can send the signal, Gibbs shoots and kills him, winging Tobias in the process.  Tony and Ziva have their Casablanca moment at the Israeli airport, where they say goodbye to each other.

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Episodes promoted as goodbye to Ziva episodes with very little Ziva. GG really blew it. Did he really expect that Cote/Ziva fans would be happy with this travesty of an exit?! Yes, he had a short time to rewrite the script, but that was partially his fault-he should have had a backup script written when Cote hadn't resigned by the time the finale aired. And what was the reason for so little screen time?! Are we supposed to believe it cost more to have Cote featured in two episodes (like we were promised) than it did to have Jamie Lee Curtis in so many episodes of Season 9?! And why did they have Ziva only say goodbye to Tony? Most fans wanted to see her say goodbye to all the main characters. And the reason for her staying in Israel made no sense-Ziva dealt with her past as an assassin and changed who she way back in season 7! It almost looks as if GG was punishing Cote for standing her ground (I still think her departure is a bit fishy). These episodes seemed like a slap in the face to Cote and for that reason have decided to no longer watch NCIS until TPTB realize their mistake and bring her back. NCIS really jumped the shark with this blunder!


Please Bring her back move mountains if u can to do it!!!
Have seen every show including jag ncis
Best show on tv !!!! If u can't talk her back a strong 30 something woman with bite don't mess with what works and try to
Re envent the wheel u already do an amazying job :)
Thanks from Aus


What was the last word Gibbs said into the phone at the end of episode 2? I've played it a dozen times and still can't make it out.

@ George Young

'Hey, Ziver.' It's Gibbs' nickname for Ziva.


As a long time fan of the show & characters if feel no sense of closure with the big farewell. CBS blew a chance for a legendary character finale in television history. I know the writers & producers had little time to re-write the farewell story arc, but man they really screwed the pooch with this one. They easily could have had a Tiva reunion scene, spent more time on Ziva's departure, thrown in a few flashbacks and given a chance for the NCIS family to bid farewell also. Instead the most memorable moment has to be Fornell getting shot in the ass. The main plot line should have ended in episode 3. Makes me think that a Ziva return, either as a guest or permanently, is inevitable. Probably just wishful thinking though. They simply crammed too much into two episodes and couldn't do either story arc justice. Just food for thought...


Oh, my God. First sneek peek is up at SpoilerTV...


Ok, I've watched it again and maybe Tony is telling Gibbs he hasn't convinced her to come back yet, instead of not finding her. I am wondering if the "Lie" that Tony tells to someone close to him about Ziva is him telling Gibbs he hasn't found her yet, when he actually has- so he can spend more time with her. I don't want Tuesday to come, but I am anxious to see how they do this.


CBS has a new preview for this episode that's longer and Tony does not find Ziva until after he grows his beard, so I'm not sure how much of the episode they are actually together. They probably have the scene he finds her. One middle scene and then the goodbye scene. How this equates to the episode focusing on Tony and Ziva and being satisfying to TIVA fans if they are not together for most of it is beyond me. Hope I'm misinterpreting the preview and at least the last half of the episode is them together.


Just a few words about Mark Harmon; Oh sure, he was starting Quarterback at UCLA, and actually graduated and went to law school. And IMDB lists 77 film and TV series credits in the last 40 years. And in 1996, Harmon saved two teenage boys involved in a car accident outside of his home. He used a 12-pound sledgehammer from his garage to break the windshield, then pulled them free from the flames before the vehicle blew up.
And Sunday night on the Emmys, he announced the winner of best supporting actress for 80 year-old Ellen Burstyn, and when he saw her walking down the aisle, he quickly walked across the stage, and down the stage steps, and gave her his arm to escort her up to the mic to give her acceptance speech. That is a Man.


It's about time something was put up for this episode. We also know the name of eps three through seven I think.

NCIS Season 11 Episode 2 Quotes

SecNav Porter: Agent Gibbs, with your reputation, I expected Parsa to be disposed of long before now. So, do tell me, please: what sort of help am I not providing?
Gibbs: Influence.

Ziva: Tony. You are so...
Tony: Handsome? Funny? What?
Ziva: Loved.