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NCIS Season 12

As NCIS Season 12 begins in the fall of the year 2014, we pick up where the team left off but without major cliffhangers, and can expect to see Gibbs and company's trip to Russia ... without love.
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"Twenty Clicks"

The NCIS Season 12 season begins with a bang, as Gibbs and McGee escort an NSA engineer home from Russia via helecopter but get shot down.

As Season 12 of NCIS begins, Gibbs - who just learned of his father Jackson's death as a result of a stroke on the NCIS Season 11 finale - is off to Russia with Tim. As NCIS approaches Season 12, for once there are few cliffhangers to resolve, although it looks like they waste little time with the new high-stakes peril Gibbs and McGee find themselves in. Embarking on a key mission that has Abby in fear for their safety - enough to take her fears to Director Vance himself - we know little about it excpect that CBS has spliced together the scenes in teasers for the new season in a way that leaves them subject to many different interpretations as to what kind of mission this is.
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NCIS Season 12 Quotes

Vance: I'd go with the cat.
Abby: Yes, most of us would, but WMD.
Tony: WMD?
Abby: What would McGee do?
Tony: That's two Ws, Abs.
Abby: Whatever.

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Vance: Our intel says Sergei survived.
Gibbs: What? How? I hit him. He went down.
Vance: He got up. No body was recovered. And wherever he is now, knowing all this? There's a good chance he'll be gunning for us.
Gibbs: Not if we find him first.