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Jackson Gibbs fights off Paloma Reynosa and Alejandro evades capture by Tony in Mexico. Fast forward a few months and Gibbs' dad is living with him outside DC and Reynosa is off the grid.

A helicopter goes down in the area and on it is a dead Marine and a Hispanic man. Paloma was on the helicopter and gunfire ensued after the pilot attempted to make an emergency landing.

Evidence reveals that Paloma is in the US creating new drug partnerships in order to expand her trafficking business.

Furthermore, Gibbs is certain that before Paloma leaves the country she’ll finish what she started and come after him.

Jackson is anxious about living with Jethro this whole time. Then Mike Franks shows up alive after going rogue for months.

Alejandro Rivera, Paloma’s corrupt brother and head of the Mexican Justice Department, shows up at NCIS hoping to broker a deal in letting him extradite his sister in exchange for details on their drug operation that Paloma has established.

While in Vance’s office he plants a bug under his chair. Mexican Day of the Dead figurines are left on Abby and Ducky’s cars in an attempt to scare them. Gibbs finds two of his security details outside his house shot and a skeleton figurine left on his table as well.

That's when Gibbs pulls off one of riskiest plans in NCIS history where a false note is left in Alejandro’s reach that reveals that his sister Palomo died in the crossfire when she attempted to raid the safe house that Gibbs and his father are staying.

Vowing revenge, Alejandro rushes to the safe house and unloads his machine gun only to discover that his sister was alive in there. He ends up killing her.

In the aftermath, Vance gets a cryptic message from Eli David. ­

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I enjoyed the ep tremendously and I was glad no one on the team died. The chummy scene with the two Gibbs and Mike Franks made me think that Mike was going to bite the dust; it was so sweet and paternal had a feeling of finality. The plot was silly in real life terms, but surreal is okay for a TV show that kills people so often and in which the main character throws the rule of law into the deepest end of the ocean almost every episode. I do not think a chuckle over an email means another insane boyfriend for Ziva or that Tony's sexual teasing means a "Tiva" relationship is immanent. I do agree with other comments that there does not need to be a hot and heavy (read "dreary") boyfriend/girlfriend in the background for any of the team, including Gibbs, although I always cheer when McGee gets some and I love the secret girl Jimmy has happening for him. Looking forward to Vance revelations. He carries secrets that seem more interesting than Jenny had. May the writers never have another "French Frog" adversary again.


Abby had the car in the Dog Tags episode of season 5, remember when she took Jethro (the dog) onto the base to look for clues?


NCIS is the best show to come out of USA, I am looking forward to the new season of NCIS in the UK, hope that Gibbs father will not be killed off.


it is so good that i wach it every day

NCIS Season 8 Episode 1 Quotes

Mike: Do what you have to do for family.
Gibbs: What rule is that?
Mike: The unspoken one.

Gibbs: Dad, I can stop this. I need your help.
Gibbs Sr.: Whatever it takes.
Gibbs: Okay, let's go fishing.