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"All In"

Jess and Nick head south of the border on the New Girl Season 3 premiere, as Schmidt and Winston struggle in the loft without them.

"Elaine's Big Day"

Schmidt plots to ruin Cece's wedding, while Nick and Jess consider their relationship, on the season finale of New Girl.

"Winston's Birthday"

Nick and Jess must deal with an unexpected visit from Jess's father on New Girl.


In a series of flashbacks, the group recalls how each of them lost their virginity on New Girl.

"Bachelorette Party"

Jess's surprise bachelorette party for Cece does not go exactly as planned on New Girl.

"First Date"

Jess and Nick finally go out on a date on New Girl.


The gang heads to Chicago for a funeral when Nick's dad passes away, on New Girl.

"Quick Hardening Caulk"

Jess realizes she still has feelings for Nick on New Girl.


Nick and Schmidt plan a party to celebrate their tenth anniversary as roommates, and Jess looks to date a football player, on New Girl.

"Parking Spot"

It's all-out war when the roommates each want to claim an amazing parking space as their own, on New Girl.