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After tackling Nick in touch football and injuring him, Jess takes him to see her OB-GYN. Nick doesn't have insurance and Sadie will see him for free. She finds a growth on his neck that he needs to have looked at. Later that night at the bar, the gang gets drunk and rallies around Nick, singing songs about how much they love him. Except Jess. She challenges him to live life more. He accepts the challenge and they head to the beach where he dives into the water. But this new experience only breaks his spirit. Afraid about what the test might show, he talks to Jess. She tries to comfort him, and they all fall asleep on the beach. 

The next morning, they take Nick to the doctors and pay for his ultrasound. The test comes back negative. The crew tries to leave in Winston's junker which needs to be replaced, but the car won't start. They find another way home, closer friends than ever before.

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